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Quality of the year for Gold-Vit complex
We are pleased to announce that the Gold-Vit complex preparation was awarded the prestigious "Quality of the Year" certificate.

It is worth noting that the "Quality of the Year" certificate is a project that has been ongoing for 10 years and is Poland's largest initiative promoting companies, organisations and scientific research units, for which high-quality products, services, as well as innovative and eco-friendly solutions are a priority, while also defining the path of further development. The QUALITY OF THE YEAR® certificate is a prestigious label awarded to high-quality businesses, institutions and scientific research units. It has been awarded protection rights by the Polish Patent Office, thanks to which it is a registered trademark.
Members of the Certificate Committee participated in the process of evaluation and verification of the submitted documents. These are experts who deal with the theoretical and practical issues of quality every day. They concluded that Olimp Laboratories achieved high standards in relation to the following criteria:
- key qualities of rendered services 
- reliability and comprehensiveness of the provided information
- procedures ensuring the smooth functioning of the organisation
- the effectiveness of its quality policy
- the involvement of employees in the optimisation of processes and achieving quality objectives
- the effectiveness of organisation management
- the degree of satisfaction of customers, employees and the community

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