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Olimp Laboratories Sp. z o.o. is a Polish pharmaceutical company which was established in 1990. The company operates as part of a group of companies comprised of Nutrifarm Sp. z o.o. and Olimp Laboratories GmbH in Germany.

In August 2015, resulting from a long-time strategy of improving research activities, Olimp Laboratories commissioned a Research-and-Development Centre, which is one of the most-innovative institutions of its kind in Europe, in the field of dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals. The Olimp-Nutrifarm Group of Companies has invested PLN 315 million in new technologies and development in the last 10 years alone.


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It has been possible to manufacture pharmaceuticals of the highest quality, which in turn helps to take care of our Clients’ health in the best-possible way, thanks to the continual investing in research and development. 

The attention paid to the quality and safety of the preparations manufactured by the company has also been appreciated abroad, which has given the company the status of an international enterprise, and its products are exported to over 70 countries all around the world.


The mission of the company is to improve the comfort of life and to provide the power of health and vitality to our Clients. It is possible to pursue this mission by developing scientific cooperation with universities and research centres, and also by continually investing in technical facilities. Olimp Labs is continuing to increase its scientific and research potential, which facilitates the manufacturing of truly effective and innovative pharmaceuticals.


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The R&D Department has the most modern research facilities. It continuously conducts works on innovative medicines and dietary supplements. See more   ›
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Our company's mission is to ensure you a more comfortable life, the strength of health and vitality..See more   ›
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We are a partner in many scientific units and the LifeScience Kraków cluster. Thanks to our cooperation we are able to build effective development and innovation strategies See more   ›
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