Gold DHA

Gold DHA

Food supplement

Caring for mother and child

30 capsules
600 mg DHA + 400 µg folic acid as full daily intake
Gold DHA is a dietary supplement in the shape of Flow Caps liquid capsules, which complete the diet of pregnant and breast feeding women with DHA acid from the group of omega-3 fatty acids and with folic acid, which contributes to the growth of maternal tissues during pregnancy.

DHA is the main structural fat of brain and eyes, which constitutes up to 97% of omega-3 fats in brain and up to 93% in eyes. The actual supply of DHA in diet during pregnancy and lactation ensures its appropriate distribution into the developing foetus and body of the newly born baby. Folic acid was administered in an innovative way using the micropellets technology, which guarantee optimum speed of transport and absorption in the body.
Nutritional information 1 capsule 2 capsules
DHA acid 300 mg 600 mg
Folic acid
200 μg (100%*) 400 μg (200%*)

*NRV – nutrient reference value 

Ingredients: concentrated fish oil rich in DHA; pellet ingredients – sugar, starch, pteroylmonoglutamic acid (folate); mixture of soybean tocopherols – anti-oxidant, gelatine – component of capsule.

Preparation designated: as diet completion with DHA and folates for pregnant and breast feeding women

Recommended daily intake: 1-2 capsules daily at meal or in another way having first consulted a doctor.   

Do not exceed the recommended daily intake 
A dietary supplement may not be used as replacement for diversified diet. 
We recommend a balanced nutrition and healthy life style. 



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