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20 effervescent tablets

Food supplement in the form of effervescent tablets, containing a complex composition of standardised extracts from Ashwagandha root KSM-66, thyme-leaved gratiola leaf and black pepper, together with B-group vitamins (pantothenic acid, riboflavin, vitamins B6 and B12). The liquid form of the product ensures quicker absorption of the ingredients.

* Ashwagandha root extract KSM-66 (Withania somnifera L.) helps maintain the feeling of energy and vitality. It supports the processes of learning, memorising and maintaining good mental capacity and condition in elderly people. Additionally, it helps to cope with stress and maintain well-being during spells of mental and nervous tension and bouts of anxiety.

* Thyme-leaved gratiola (Bacopa monnieri L.) can have a beneficial impact on brain function and contribute to the improvement of short- and long-term memory as well as increased concentration and intelligence. In addition, it aids the peripheral blood circulation, which affects the performance of the brain.

* Caffeine supports mental performance – it helps to increase alertness and improves concentration. Black pepper extractfacilitates the absorption of nutrients.

The product is supplemented with vitamins B6 and B12 and riboflavin, which help to reduce the feeling of tiredness and fatigue.



Pustynia 84F
39-200 Dębica

Nutritional information 1 tablet
Ashwagandha root extract KSM-66 (Withania somnifera L.),
including: 5% of vitanolids
100 mg
5 mg
Thyme-leaved gratiola (Bacopa monnieri L.),
including: 20% of bacosides
100 mg
20 mg
Caffeine (from dehydrated caffeine) 100 mg 
Black pepper extract (Piper nigrum L.) 95% of piperine

1 mg

Pathotenic acid  6 mg (100%**)
Riboflavin (vit. B2) 1,4 mg (100%**)
Vitamin B6 1,4 mg (100%**)
Vitamin B12 2,5 µg (100%**)

**NRV – nutrient reference value.

Ingredients: acidity regulators: citric acid, sodium carbonates; bulking agent: sorbitols; flavouring, dehydrated caffeine, Ashwagandha root extract KSM-66 (Withania somnifera L.), thyme-leaved gratiola leaf extract (Bacopa monnieri L.), L-leucine, stabiliser: polyethylene glycol; maltodextrin, sweetener: sucralose; calcium d-pantothenate: pantothenic acid, cyanocobalamin: vit. B12; pyridoxine hydrochloride: vit. B6, riboflavin: vit. B2, black pepper fruit extract (Piper nigrum L.).


Indications: the product is intended for adults seeking to maintain mental capacity at a proper level. It is particularly well-suited to people exposed to chronic stress, people performing intellectual work and learners, to improve their memory and concentration.

 Recommended daily portion: 1 tablet a day. Dissolve one tablet in 170 ml of water.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
The dietary supplement must not be used as a substitute for a well-balanced diet.
A balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are recommended.

Note: PERCEPTINTM FAST contains caffeine; it is not recommended for children and pregnant women (caffeine content: 100 mg / 1 tablet). Moreover, the product is not recommended for breastfeeding women, women who are planning a pregnancy, people with cardiovascular diseases, and in the case of hypersensitivity to any ingredient of the product. Consult your doctor before using the product if you have arterial hypertension or are taking medication, including some OTC products (e.g. aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen) or sedatives. Do not take together with alcohol. Do not exceed the daily dose of 400 mg of caffeine from all sources and 200 mg of caffeine in one dose. Do not use directly before bedtime or within a few hours before bedtime. The turbidity of the solution and foam are natural occurrences resulting from the ingredients used, and do not affect the quality of the product.





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