Who are we looking for?

We are looking for employees who approach their tasks with passion, who are open to changes and actively search for new solutions.

The type of university which you graduate from is not the most important to us - we believe that people with potential can quickly acquire the proper qualifications. For this reason your development potential, personality and initiative are crucial for us.




During the recruitment process we pay particular attention to the following predispositions and abilities:

Creativity, innovation.

You are continuously searching for new ways of activities and realisation of aims. You can overcome obstacles and use your imagination and wisdom to create new solutions and achieve better and better results. Your ideas are above standard.



You easily communicate with different people, you understand their opinions and points of view. You listen carefully. You present complicated ideas in an easy way and convince other people of them. You motivate the rest of the team members. You maintain a creative atmosphere in the team.


Leadership qualities.

You exert influence on defining new directions of the work of the team or the company as a whole. You notice new possibilities of development and you can put your ideas into practice.


Problem solving, selection of information.

You are able to recognize and define problems based on the appropriate assessment of situation and your own intuition. You find their main reasons; draw conclusions and easily find proper solutions.


Flexibility, adapting to changes.

You can adapt quickly to new situations. You observe changes in the surroundings, analyse them and quickly accept them. You set yourself ambitious goals and you can provide the proper means in order to effectively realise your obligations at the precisely fixed time.


Ability to continuously improve yourself.

You like learning and developing. You satisfy your curiosity of the world and people. You create around you the atmosphere in which all people are developing their skills to a similar extent and do things to the best of their ability..


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